A copy of the draft QDRO should be submitted to the Plan Administrator (as instructed in the cover letter that comes with the draft QDRO) to find out in writing whether they require any changes.
1. Plan Revisions: If there are any revisions requested by the plan administration, notify our office and we will make them without cost.
2. Signature page: You and your spouse sign the QDRO in the presence of your attorney. If you are not represented by attorneys, you must both sign the order in the presence of notaries.
3. Filing: You or your attorney will then file the QDRO with the court after it has been approved by the Plan and signed by you & your ex-spouse. If you are not represented by an attorney, you must call the Clerk of the Court (in the county where the divorce took place) for instructions on obtaining the judge’s signature so it can be filed with the court. Keep a copy for yourself.
4. Final step: After the QDRO is filed with the court, it is certified. You or your attorney will then send it to the plan administrator who contacts the Alternate Payee (your ex-spouse) confirming that the QDRO is in place. This completes the QDRO process.